I know you might have been struggling to learn everything about the business of real estate, and you are finding it hard to attract the right business opportunities.

Going into the business of real estate or embarking on a real estate entrepreneurship  journey without a perfect guide or the right template, is like planning to sail a ship from Nigeria to America without a map or navigation guide! of course, you will waste more resources and time in the process of struggling to arrive at an unknown destination.

Time is up, stop confusing yourself,  get set to equip yourself with the right real estate business information, the right map for your real estate entrepreneurship journey and the best navigation guide to arrive at your desired business/career destination.

Look! I know you probably have a skeptical eyebrow raised right now, after all, you’ve tried to learn, understand and do real estate business in your own way, but it didn’t exactly work out the way you planned it.

Don't panic,  I was once in your shoe!  I am here to help you with a solution that is already helping people solve problems in their real estate business/entrepreneurship journey.

I know you've  always wanted to;

​Make more money as a real estate consultant/entrepreneur

​Build a career in real estate

​Sell properties like a pro

​Be a resourceful real estate consultant

​Understand everything about the business of real estate

Because I clearly understand your need, I am wholeheartedly recommending a Powerful Real Estate Business Kit for you, a tool that gives you the ultimate real estate business guide you need.

With this real estate business kit, you'll learn the latest strategies and techniques for making money within the real estate industry value chain, finding and closing deals with top-quality clients and networking in the top real estate communities.  

As a Premium User of the Real Estate Business Kit

The Real Estate Millionaire Book

​​​Real Estate Operation Templates

​​Tenancy Agreement
     Letter of Instruction
    Rent increase Letter
    Rent Offer
    Sales Offer Letter
    Rent Reminder Notice
    Tenancy Bio-data Form
    Quit Notice
    Estate Rule

This is the time you need to feel good, stay calm and be happy because the Real Estate Business Kit will help you take your fears away, and teach you everything you need to learn about the business of real estate.

Many realtors and aspiring real estate entrepreneurs who used the real estate business kit could testify to the mind-blowing knowledge and opportunities delivered to them.


I will highly recommend the real estate business kit from Globalclique, compiled and authored by Mr. Bolaji Afolabi to anyone who is considering starting their own real estate business. It is a fantastic resource that will save you time and help you avoid common pitfalls while providing you with everything you need to succeed.

Temilade Balogun


As someone who had never started a real estate business before, I was a bit intimidated by the prospect of launching my own real estate consulting service. However, the kit made the process so much easier and more manageable. Today, I  can proudly establish my own real estate business.

Azeez Oyeniyi


I am Aremu Isiah Adeyemi, I am the Managing Partner of Ronald Crown Real Estate. The real estate business kit has helped me to operate my real estate business efficiently, and I am more fulfilled doing the business of my dream. The kit was comprehensive, easy to use, and packed with all the information and resources I needed in my real estate startup.

Isiah Aremu
​Ronald Crown Konsult

Ready to Start your Real Estate Business Journey? 

Look no further than Real Estate Business Kit. This package includes everything you need to succeed in today's competitive real estate market.

The Real Estate Business Kit is the one and only Solution to help you;

Make More Money as a Real Estate Consultant/Entrepreneur.

Build a Career in Real Estate

Sell Properties like a Pro

Be a Resourceful Real Estate Consultant

Understand everything about the Business of Real Estate

With the Real Estate Business Kit, you'll learn the latest strategies and techniques for finding and closing deals with top-quality clients.  The Kit helps you master the art of real estate business and networking.

How do I get the Real Estate Business Kit ​

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